One World Leadership

I want to create sustainability leadership


The One World Leadership program that teaches the One World framework from start to end. It creates an understanding of where we are, highlights our disconnection from the world, and how we can create a better future.

One World Leadership supports the ISO 14001 environment management system.


A 1 day course that designed for small training groups. Sessions of up to 50 participants per session. Duration is 1 day. Supported by the One World Leadership Workbook, One World Book and One World Media.


Individuals who will drive sustainability efforts within an organisation. Training days, team building and sustainability initiatives.


  • Session 1 - You Are Here!

    This session creates an understanding of…

    • The challenges of our time and what the future has in store for us!
    • Mankind’s position of significant and insignificance within the greater scheme of things.
    • How population pressure is an important factor in today’s challenges, but it’s not the only factor.
    • How we consume and the reasons for consumption.
    • How mankind impacts the world on a global scale.
    • How technology can be used to reduce our impact and still maintain our lifestyles.
    • How our actions and decisions impact the world.
    • How our impact is a result of the choices that we all make.
  • Session 2 - A Fatal Disconnection

    This session creates an understanding of…

    • What is the environment and where can it be found?
    • That every aspect of the environment is adds value in its own way.
    • How venomous animals can teach us about sustainable.
    • Our reliance on the environment for our existence.
    • How we are all responsible for our predicament.
    • Problems that we ignore because it is convenient and we can avoid accepting responsibility.
    • Learning from the past mistakes.
    • How civilisation’s have destroyed themselves, because of the same challenges that we face today!
  • Session 3 - Misspent Value

    This session creates an understanding of…

    • What the environment is.
    • Our economic system and how it fails to recognise natural assets.
    • How we perceive value in the environment and why our perception of value is flawed.
    • Where natural capital  is located.
    • Benefits that we receive from the environment.
    • How nature has solved the same challenges that mankind has yet to overcome.
    • The value of the environment in providing biotechnology and biomimicry.
  • Session 4 - Units And Systems

    This session creates an understanding of…

    • How ownership compartmentalises the environment.
    • How the value of the environment lies in its connectedness.
    • How nature works in systems rather than units.
    • How we profit from the environment.
    • How we use the environment for waste disposal.
    • How we try to control the environment.
    • How we try to improve the environment.
    • How the tragedy of the commons effects us and why it occurs.
    • Externalisation of costs and why it’s bad for mankind.
    • The Earth’s planetary boundaries and why we need to look after our planet.
  • Session 5 - The Ego/ Eco Paradigm

    This session creates an understanding of…

    • How we must consider our position within the greater scheme of things.
    • How some aspects of our lives are detrimental to a sustainable future.
    • How some aspects of our lives are helping to build  a sustainable future.
    • How our actions and decisions can help to build a sustainable future or contribute to environmental and social degradation.
    • How we can work towards living a more sustainable life.
    • How consumer products can be misleading and why we should support organisations that are striving towards sustainability. 
  • Session 6 - The Road To Sustainability

    This session creates an understanding of…

    • The challenge of building a sustainable world.
    • What is sustainability and how can it be simplified into economic development, environmental stewardship and social responsibility.
    • Sustainability is a process.
    • The different steps and mindsets required to progress towards sustainability.
    • The risks involved with resisting the move to sustainability.
    • How extended producer responsibility is vital for a sustainable mindset.
  • Session 7 - Earning The Future

    This session creates an understanding of…

    • Why just doing enough is not good enough.
    • How do we begin a shift towards a more sustainable future, and how we all start from different places but our goals is the same.
    • How and where to begin our journey.
    • The foundations for a sustainable mindset.
    • How we need to change our perceptions of change.
    • How to cultivate an innovative mindset.
    • We do not just need more leadership, but we need responsible Leadership.
    • How purpose will drive our efforts into making the world a better place.
    • How we have been at the cusp of a new world before.