One World Leadership

I want to create sustainability leadership


The One World Leadership program teaches the sustainability leadership skills required to prosper and succeed in a changing world. Delivered through experiential learning and practical activities, One World Leadership removes limiting beliefs and creates a long lasting positive mindset and a clear vision of the future.


Organisations who are working towards, or who have achieved ISO14001 certification.

Individuals who will drive sustainability efforts within an organisation. Training days, team building and sustainability initiatives.

Sessions of up to 50 participants per session.


  • Session 1 - You Are Here!

    Outcomes: Creates an understanding of:

    • We only have one world.
    • The significance of mankind.
    • Global population trends.
    • The impact of the world’s population.
    • Our individual impact.
    • Reducing our impact through technology.
    • How our choices impact the world.
  • Session 2 - A Fatal Disconnection

    Outcomes: Creates an understanding of:

    • How we perceive the role of the environment.
    • What we can learn from our perceptions of venomous animals.
    • How all aspects of the environment add value.
    • The politics of the climate change debate.
    • Why the debate about climate change is over.
    • How civilisations have been through modern day challenges before.
  • Session 3 - Misspent Value

    Outcomes: Creates an understanding of:

    • An understanding of how we value aspects of the environment.
    • What ecosystem services are and how we benefit from them.
    • What technology and innovation mankind has benefited from nature.
  • Session 4 - Units And Systems

    Outcomes: Creates an understanding of:

    • The far reaching effects of human activities.
    • What are the planetary boundaries and how they are used to measure the health of Earth.
    • The tragedy of the commons and how its effects upon natural systems.
    • How externalisation of costs is used and how it affects the environment and society.
  • Session 5 - The Ego/ Eco Paradigm

    Outcomes: Creates an understanding of:

    • The outcome of our impact upon the world.
    • If it is possible to be 100% sustainable?
    • How to identify green washing.
  • Session 6 - The Road To Sustainability

    Outcomes: Creates an understanding of:

    • The components of sustainability.
    • The process that lead to sustainability.
    • Risks associated with sustainability.
    • Extended Producer Responsibility.
  • Session 7 - Earning The Future

    Outcomes: Creates an understanding of:

    • The benefits of change and how to thrive through change.
    • Where innovation comes from and how to cultivate an innovative mind.
    • The value of purpose driven leadership.
    • Why everyone is a leader.
    • Driving sustainability through purpose.
    • We only have one world.