One World Framework

We are the first generation who truly understands that the world our children grow up in will be vastly different from our own. How we overcome the challenges of our time will make the difference between a world that we tolerate, and a world in which we prosper. As we live the future of a decade ago, never before has humanity been so uncertain about the future. Our efforts over the past 200 years towards a better and more prosperous life has done little more than create challenges for our own existence.

One World offers a framework for creating a future that we want, by creating a better you. It provides an understanding of where we are, the need to change our values and beliefs, and how change management, leadership and innovation are vital tools for building a invigorating and prosperous new future.

(PDF,  3.2mb)

However, the challenges of building the future will not be solved by staring at the problem, but instead, by being open to new solutions. Albert Einstein said “In order to overcome the problems of our time, we need to change the way of thinking that created them in the first place“. For those unique individuals who engage the world in a radically different way, the capacity to change comes from within. However, for the rest of us mere mortals, we have to look for a source of inspiration to discover the new, or to solve the impossible.

One World bridges the gap between an individuals’ values and beliefs, and a sustainable future. One World can be applied in the following formats.