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One World

by Jonathan Leeming

We are the first generation who truly understands that the world our children grow up in will be vastly different from our own. How we overcome the challenges of our time, will make the difference between a world that we tolerate, and a world in which we prosper. Author, professional speaker, and conservationist, Jonathan Leeming offers unique insight into creating the future, by teaching lessons from the natural world to create opportunities for change, leadership and innovation.

One World is for everyone who:

  • Feels they are living in a period of change.
  • Feels uncertain about the future.
  • Wants to make the world a better place.

"It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, your job or social status, every day is an opportunity to make the world a better place. The opportunity is there. Whether you take that opportunity and rise up to the challenge is a choice that we make every day." - Jonathan Leeming "The notion that we consider ourselves separate from nature is a very dangerous presumption indeed." - Jonathan Leeming "All of the new innovations that we enjoy today are breakthroughs in old ways of thinking. They required a different mindset to look at a familiar problem." - Jonathan Leeming "Sustainability is right here and right now. It will be a looming crisis for any organisation or individual who chooses to ignore it." - Jonathan Leeming "For every challenge that we perceive, there are corresponding opportunities. The greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity." - Jonathan Leeming "Sustainability goals are continually changing and being refined in response to external factors such as new technologies, resource availability and market pressures." - Jonathan Leeming "How we overcome the challenges of our time, will make the difference between a world in which we tolerate, and a world in which we prosper." - Jonathan Leeming "Many of us have given into the myth of a modern lifestyle of consumption and waste." - Jonathan Leeming "We have to challenge our values and beliefs in order to see the unlimited possibilities that are all around us." - Jonathan Leeming "Sustainability brings together different cultures, backgrounds, age groups, ethnic groups and educational levels and focuses them towards a co-ordinated goal." - Jonathan Leeming "The challenges of building the future will not be solved by staring at the problem, but instead, by being open to new solutions." - Jonathan Leeming "If you want to prosper in a sustainable world, you cannot just be a little bit better. You have reinvent your industry with new and powerful solutions." - Jonathan Leeming "More than anything else, venomous animals represent the furthest point of our disconnection from nature." - Jonathan Leeming "Modern economics continues to fail to recognise to what extent the natural world has to play in supporting the very same economic activities that it is so concerned about." - Jonathan Leeming "The fate of mankind is so intertwined with the fate of nature, that if the environment suffers... We suffer." - Jonathan Leeming "There is no doubt that we are living in exciting times. Never before has humanity been so uncertain about the future." - Jonathan Leeming "It’s the decisions that you make this very instant... Right here, right now... That are going to make the difference." - Jonathan Leeming "Our efforts of the past 200 years towards a better and more prosperous future have done little more than create challenges for our next genreation own existence." - Jonathan Leeming "True innovation is like a magic trick. When we see it for the first time, it’s amazing!" - Jonathan leeming

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One World Inspire

One World Inspire is a 45 minute to 1 hour keynote address that captures the essence of One World. Perfect for conferences, employee wellness events and environmental days.  Supported by One World Book and One World Media.

One World Strategy Session 1 – You Are Here!

This full day collaborative workshop develops a sustainability mindset that connects participants to sustainability objectives and targets. For sessions of up to 40 participants.

One World Strategy Session 2 – Earning The Future

This full day collaborative workshop focuses upon the 3 foundations of sustainability: Change, innovation and leadership. For sessions of up to 40 participants.

One World Connect

One World Connect consists of 200 Inspiring quotes from One World, 200 ways to connect people to sustainability, 200 ways to create the future. One World Connect Sessions are ideal for highly engageing short workshops, sustainability meetings, conference breakout sessions or as a toolbox talk activity.

One World Conversations

One World Conversations is simple but thought provoking online tool that gets people talking about sustainability. It’s a free online collection of One World Connect cards which you can use to drive your own conversation.

One World Blogs

One World blogs are shorted articles taken from the One World Book. Feel free to republish in your newsletter or magazine.

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