One World Inspire

I want to create a sustainability mindset

One World Program

One World Inspire is focused upon creating a sustainability mindset by linking values and beliefs to sustainability goals and targets. It teaches the principles of sustainability and an understanding of the challenges ahead in a positive, honest and open way.


A 1 hour Program that creates a sustianability mindset. Designed for large audiences at corporate events, roadshows and special interest group meetings. Supported by the One World Media and One World Book.


Organisations who would like to increase their awareness of issues of sustainability. Supports corporate social responsibility programs. Ideal for corporate events with an unlimited number of participants.

Organisations who are working towards, or who have achieved ISO14001 certification.

Duration is 45 minutes to 1 hour.


  • 1) You Are Here!

    Outcomes: Creates an understanding of:

    • We only have one world.
    • The significance of mankind.
    • Global population trends.
    • The impact of the world’s population.
    • Our individual impact.
    • The role of technology.
    • How our choices impact the world.
  • 2) Disconnection From Nature

    Outcomes: Creates an understanding of:

    • How we perceive the role of the environment.
    • What we can learn from our perceptions of venomous animals.
    • How all aspects of the environment add value.
    • The politics of the climate change debate.
    • Why the debate about climate change is over.
    • Civilisations that have failed the challenge of sustainability.
  • 3) The Value Of Nature

    Outcomes: Creates an understanding of:

    • An understanding of how we value aspects of the environment.
    • What ecosystem services are and how we benefit from them.
    • What technology and innovation and the benefits to mankind.
  • 4) Units & Systems

    Outcomes: Creates an understanding of:

    • The far reaching effects of human activities.
    • What are the planetary boundaries and how they are used to measure the health of Earth.
    • The tragedy of the commons and how its effects upon natural systems.
    • Externalisation of costs and its effects upon the environment and society.
  • 5) The Ego/ Eco Paradigm

    Outcomes: Creates an understanding of:

    • How our decisions impact upon the world.
    • If it is possible to be 100% sustainable?
    • How to identify green washing.
    • We only have one world.